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Energy Treatments 






is the name given to a system of natural healing which evolved in Japan from the experience and dedication of Dr Mikao Usui.

Reiki heals by flowing through the energy field and charging it with positive energy. It treats the whole person including body, mind, emotions and spirit. It is a wonderful tool to help you develop and enhance your own personal and spiritual awareness.
What will happen when you come for a Reiki Treatment ?
Its very simple; after a short consultation and removing your shoes and jacket you'll lie on the therapy couch and be covered with a blanket; I'll gently place my hands on your head and the reiki will start to flow, most people feel a pleasant warmth and relaxing waves of energy. I'll work down your body and finish at your feet, most of the time my hands will be just above you or resting very lightly on top of the blanket. During treatment you may experience warmth, coolness, tingling, seeing colours or other pleasant physical and emotional sensations. Most people find Reiki to be a deeply relaxing, comforting and life enhancing experience.
1 Hour.................................... £45


reikipic - Copy.jpg







Crystal Therapy

Crystals are beautiful, magical and have been admired and prized throughout history.

The ancient civilisation of Atlantis, according to legend was highly advanced in its use of Crystals. The Egyptians, Mayans and Native American Indians all used Crystals for healing and protection.

What happens during a treatment session ?

I'll ask you to remove your shoes and jacket and lie up on the therapy couch; you will be made comfortable and covered with a blanket. I will be working around you using crystals to draw out, transform and heal blockages within the layers of the aura. I may also place some crystals on and around you. During the treatment you will most likely drift into a very deep meditative state of relaxation similar to the experience of Reiki. You may feel a pleasant heavy sensation of magnetic pull and tingles throughout your body; often people say they go off  "somewhere" and are unaware of me or the room at all.

At the end of the treatment you will be very gently brought back to full consciousness and we can have a chat about what you experienced; sometimes very valuable insights can be brought to light.

Crystal therapy can take you to a place where you can begin healing and freeing yourself of anything that is weighing you down or holding you back. During the deep state of relaxation, emotional and psychological blocks can be released and

your aura will be cleansed of negative energies; leaving you feeling lighter and happier with greater insight and self awareness.

After a treatment it is likely you will have experienced some change in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition.

Pain relief, upliftment, relaxation and feelings of well being are all expected outcomes. 

You will be given a crystal specially selected for you to use at home. Crystal therapy is a treatment which adapts to the growth and changes in you throughout your treatments, if you choose to have regular sessions. 

1 hour....................................£45.00

Colour-Light Therapy

The human body absorbs light from the colour spectrum. Each colour in the spectrum has a frequency, wavelength and energy associated with it. The colours we absorb can have an effect on the nervous system, the endocrine system and subsequently on the release of hormones.

Colour Therapy aims to balance and enhance the energy centres of the body by using the seven colours of the light spectrum to help stimulate the healing process. It works on all levels; is subtle and gentle yet can facilitate powerful and positive changes. Treatment involves use of coloured light, silks, crystals and advice on changes to diet, clothing and decor.

Working with the appropriate colour/colours can help to dispel negative feelings, free blocks and re-balance the body.

It can benefit a wide range of problems including stress-related conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, asthma, behavioural disorders, depression and many more.

Most people enjoy a deep relaxation/meditative state during treatment, some are unaware of experiencing anything but the energy field will have been treated and generally in the 48 hours following treatment you will be aware of feeling better.

1 Hour ..................................£40


Holistic Trinity

I created this divine combination in response to the question "what would be the ultimate experience of relaxation". 

Here it is. 

complete and flowing treatment to work on all levels of tension.

Beginning with a back, neck and shoulder massage with warm coconut or frangipani oil.

Flowing into Reiki to harmonise the emotional/mental and spiritual levels and clear the energy field.

Finishing with Reflexology to ground and rebalance the entire system.

This has become my most popular treatment.



Is an ancient therapy which has been practised for around 5000 years.
There are approximately 7000 nerve endings in the feet, and techniques used by a Reflexologist can send signals in the form of electrical impulses to all parts of the body. Due to every day stress and tension or even just tiredness, blockages can occur in the energy pathways resulting in ill health and dis-ease. Reflexology may remove these blockages by improving circulation, removing toxins and waste products and allowing the energy to flow freely and thereby allowing the body to heal itself.
Although not a claim to cure Reflexology can help with many conditions: 
Stress -IBS-Fertility-Insomnia-Asthma-Menstrual problems-Hormonal Imbalance-Depression-Migraine 

Don't worry if you have ticklish feet, the techniques used are very precise and quite firm.
45 to 55 min ...........................£40

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