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                             Colour Therapy

colour therapy treatment
Colour therapy is based on the ancient art of using colour and light to treat disease. By altering the colours that surround us, it is possible to enhance health and well-being. The earliest forms of therapy included the use of coloured gems and sunlight.



                      How does it work ?

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The human body absorbs light that is made up of the colour spectrum. Each colour in the spectrum has a frequency, wavelength and energy associated with it. The colours we absorb can have an effect on the nervous system, the endocrine system and subsequently on the release of hormones and other organic substances within the human body.

Colour Therapy aims to balance and enhance the energy centres of the body by using the seven colours of the light spectrum to help stimulate the healing process, it works on all levels, is subtle and gentle yet can facilitate powerful and positive changes. Treatment involves use of coloured light, silks and crystals and advice on changes to diet, clothing and decor.

Working with the appropriate colour/colours can help to dispel negative feelings, free blocks and re-balance the body.

             Which problems can colour therapy help?

Colour is used in orthodox medicine for the treatment of neonatal jaundice and other specific medical conditions. It is used in complementary therapy to boost the immune system and promote healing from within.

It can benefit a wide range of problems including stress-related conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, asthma, behavioural disorders and depression and many more. In particular, it can help to restore health after surgery or illness. It can also aid creativity and help learning

What happens when you come for a Colour Therapy treatment ?


Following a consultation about your overall health and wellbeing and establishing which colours you need to be treated with, I'll ask you to remove your shoes and jacket and lie up on the therapy couch, you will be made comfortable and covered with a blanket, soothing music will play and the lights will be dimmed generally we won't talk during the treatment, the room and you, will be bathed in coloured lights in a specific sequence to restore balance to your energy system, coloured silks may also be placed on you on top of the blanket. Most people enjoy a deep relaxation/meditative state during treatment, some are unaware of experiencing anything but the energy field will have been treated, and generally in the 48 hours following treatment you will be aware of feeling better.

Colour Therapy takes around 1 Hour and costs £45

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